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This Just Happened - Weekend Update

I interrupt my usual subject matter to bring you a weekend update. This was kind of an awesome weekend full of crazy, unexpected funnies. Let's start backwards. On Sunday. I'm sitting at breakfast, reading The New York Times, when I see Mischief the cat going into the pantry. This doesn't surprise me at all. He's done it plenty of times. Above him is Lola on the counter. Yes, my parent's cats basically have the run of the place. She delicately puts her paw on the door of the pantry, closing it on Mischief's tail until he cries out and I stop her from seriously injuring him. Classic. They make living at home (before I find a place in Brooklyn hopefully), bearable.

Last night, we had a special visitor at our house. Anne Marsen, the girl in the Girl Walk // All Day came after just getting back from India. I learned that not only is she a talented dancer, but a very talented film maker and actress. Dude. This girl is going places. Her dance moves and energy is riveting and I got a glimpse of her next project in production, done while in India. What comes out of her is thought provoking, entertaining and introduces you to a new world, whether it's the streets of India and Indian music or new music that makes you want to attempt to copy her dance moves. My sister sent me this link of a video she made last year. Check it out. Anne Marsen/ROYGBIV~ "Squeeze Me" by Kraak & Smaak (Music Video)

So I can only attribute Saturday night's incident to what happens when you hang out with Anne Marsen. My dad kindly offered to drive her back into the city. Unfortunately, we were stuck in traffic the whole way through. So naturally, we put on Michael Jackson's Dangerous and started loudly singing and dancing to Black or White. The van next to us, full of twenty-something guys, rolled down their window and asked us what we were listening to. My dad proudly replied, and they told us to turn it up. It was completely hysterical and reminded me why I love New Yorkers. The best part was when the guy in the back seat rolled the van door open to hear the music better, making getting stuck in traffic completely worth it.