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Wow, has it been that long since I last wrote. Lately I've been feeling sort of restless. I guess cause I'm hitting on my 28th birthday on Wednesday. Yikes! I'm pretty sure every person who has asked for my age has been shocked when I have told them I'm approaching 30. Hopefully it's only because I look young rather than act it. Back to this feeling of restlessness.. I'm feeling the pressure to do something crazy like move out of New York City and live in Paris for a few years. I'm single, have a good, solid group of friends I know I can maintain touch with. And the past 2 years has taught me that I can easily make new friends. And I know myself well enough to realize that if I don't achieve everything I've set out to do, then I'll have regrets.

So while we're on the subject, here's a tentative list of what I'd like to achieve before I'm 30. Um, no pressure Molly. Really.
1. Start a Masters program. This is yet to be decided on. Either an MFA in photography or if something crazy happens within the next year that sways me a different way- an MBA, MA in Art History, Communications or something related to Environment/ Marketing. I know. I'm so decisive.
2. Pay off all credit card debt. Jeeze it's about time, although going to graduate school would be counter-productive in this area.
3. Find a boyfriend/ future husband. Thanks to that thing called my biological clock, I need to start a family fairly soon.
4. And- now this is a crazy one that I haven't discussed at all yet- Finish novel.

Now I put this one out to my readers. What crazy changes have you made in your life as a last minute effort to achieve a goal before turning 30? Was it a good decision?