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Total Tragedy

So last night, I got a text from my roommate at 11pm saying that she couldn't find Oscar, my 4 month old, adorable, crazy, energetic, kitten. She even took out the broom and swept knowing that he couldn't resist attacking it. I ran home from the NY Tech Meet Up after party and we searched our apartment inside out. He has never in his life hidden from anything. We searched the building. I went over in my memory the moment I left the apartment earlier that day, wondering if he somehow ran out. We checked the building, the roof, and I checked outside the building, fearful I'd see his body. Then finally left a note on the front door of my building with my contact information.

I didn't sleep at all. At 8am, a neighbor called saying that when he came home from work yesterday around 6pm, there were a group of people surrounding an orange tabby that had apparently fallen out of the window and was taken to the animal hospital directly across the street from my apartment. I called the hospital right away and the receptionist told me the vet would call back, which I knew was a very bad sign. I've seen enough ER/ Law & Order episodes to know that if a doctor is calling you back, it's not good. The vet said he had a few broken bones and his face was very damaged. He was in pain so they decided it was best to put him to sleep. He would have had to have had countless surgeries and at the time, they didn't even know who his owner was. I completely support his decision but was devastated that I couldn't say goodbye. They advised me not to see him in his current state. So I am left with the memories of the short time I had him. I truly hope that he didn't suffer too much but I know that he did. I was able to speak with the woman who stayed by his side, found him and got the vet who said Oscar tried to get up from his injuries. This doesn't surprise me at all because he was a crazy, determined fighter. She said he was surrounded by people who cared for him and from what I gather, loving people - when he was put to sleep. The whole situation seems like a bad dream that I can't wake up from.

I'm left with one of my fondest and most recent memory of him nuzzling himself next to me Monday night as I went to bed - cheek to cheek. A gesture he rarely did and especially hadn't done in the few weeks that it's been hot. Thomas came up on my bed as well, laid next to me and Oscar plopped himself next to Thomas so that for a brief moment, the three of us lay cuddled, side by side. May he rest in peace- in kitty heaven where he can eat all the food he wants, have an endless source of amusement, a long, wooden hallway to dart back and forth at and may my childhood cats Pippin, China, Cappy, Piano, Binky and Hilarious lick him with love.