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Totally Self Indulgent Post & Reflections


I seemed to have forgotten that this is my PERSONAL blog.. so I'm going to try and take it back to its roots. This has been an interesting and productive day for the most part. I worked in the morning, and met with a fellow blogger/ Twitter friend for coffee. Hello Twitter friends! Wow. I can't stress enough how rewarding it is to make new connections in the most random ways. Like on Sunday, for instance, I made new friends while photographing people on the street and waiting for the Second Avenue bus in the rain.

I digress.

After walking half the length of Manhattan (long story), I met up with a few of my good friends. Actually, it was kind of awesome. They were all friends from different areas of my life who finally got to meet each other. We had 2 people with the same last name (unrelated) and two people with nearly the same first name. It would have been even more awesome if I wasn't so distracted by the fact that I ran into my ex AGAIN. If that weren't a weird enough coincidence, another friend who I haven't seen in years showed up at the restaurant to order takeout. More oddly still, he has the same name as my OTHER friend who I was hoping could have came, but who happened to be having dinner with my other ex boyfriend. You don't really need to follow all of that. I think the point is that New York is getting too small for me. Especially with my ability to spot familiar faces after seeing them for only a nano second.

Being that I'm moving in a week from the Upper East Side (holy cow! Freaking out! In denial about packing!), I thought it was appropriate that I reflected on where I was about a year ago before I moved Uptown. At the time, I was sick of the downtown crowds. Was going out way too much and eating the amazing fast food of the East Village. Post from last year: "Short story long, if it's not already obvious, I'm really looking forward to moving. There is no question that I need to change my lifestyle and develop more healthy habits. And a move is the fresh start that I obviously need. I can't wait to regularly run in Central Park, cook healthy meals with more than 4 inches of counter space, develop buns of steel from my 5th story walk up, NOT regularly stop at Criff Dog, Ray's Pizza, Pinkberry, Red Mango, etc. on my way home, save money, not stop at Solas... and get serious about applying to a master's program this fall. So yeah, feel free to hold me accountable and I'll happily entertain you with my progress. Maybe even be an inspiration.. but yeah, I may miss Pheobe the cat."

So where am I now, you ask? Well.. I still go out to eat way too much but can count on my fingers (and toes) how many times this year I've gone on a 5am, Solas bender. But I can also count the same number of times I've gone running in Central Park. I don't eat Red Mango or Pinkberry anymore mainly because I discovered I'm lactose intolerant. Eesh. Might have used up the enzymes on those treats! No Masters programs but at least I'm going to a "boot camp" in San Francisco in the Fall. Overall, I have changed a lot and I guess matured in my ways. And I'd have to say that I've probably experienced more changes while living on East 66th street than any other 1 year period in my life. It has been quite the roller coaster. One of the benefits of having only lived in an apartment for a year is that I'm not sentimental. Yes, I'll miss Java Girl, will miss my roommate, will miss my sunlit room (long pause.. awkward whistle...) BUT.. that's about it! On to the next adventure!

This post brought to you by procrastination: attempt #652 at working on my novel.