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It appears that my cable isn't working. I haven't checked it in an hour.. am sort of avoiding bad news. Maybe it's God's way of telling me to read a book. But every time I try and read, I get sleepy. It's too bad I'm too tired/ lazy to do all the stuff I've been meaning to do but haven't had enough time. I'm keeping the schedule of a cat. Sleeping 17 hours a day.. okay. Maybe that's an exaggeration.

Just saw the latest episode of Ugly Betty online. I'm totally in love with her new love interest. Completely adorable. Totally my taste. Did some research on him but the guy, Daniel Eric Gold, doesn't have any information about himself on IMDB. Don't know where he's from, how old, if he's gay or straight. I'm still searching. Maybe once he's a regular on the show, they'll put more info. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing more of him.

Aside from sleeping, eating, drinking, sleeping, and watching TV, I also bought things on Amazon. I had a $150 gift certificate from various sources. Believe it or not, it actually took me about an hour to figure out what to buy. I bought a coffee maker, a few books, a Klean Kanteen to compare to my Sigg bottle. A portable coffee mug, and few other odds and ends. It wasn't enough for me to buy big ticket items like a new camera or photo gear but still a lot of money. I'm looking forward to my coffee maker even though it will mean limiting my stagnant relationship with the cute Mud truck guy. I suppose I can go once a week.