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Tweet Tweet

For those new to Twitter, it becomes instantly obvious that the actual twitter site is somewhat bare bones. I've discovered that one has to do a lot of leg work to figure out how to Re-tweet and other common twitter practices. More research is involved when trying to discover who to follow. Who will inspire you? Who has relevant information? It's amazing how much twitter is being talked about in the media and how it's really changing the face of communication. Over the last few months there's an explosion of services related to twitter like websites that shorten URL's, blogging services that mimic the short, simple twitter platform, etc. Anyway, Chris Anderson from TED neatly outlines some easy to use Twitter tips here along with linking another helpful guide which I'll be checking out here on the how and nitty gritties.

Aight, I will now disconnect myself and enter the happy dreaming world. I'm hoping that tomorrow morning, I won't wake up clutching my eye glasses- having slept through my alarm after battling the adorable but annoying Pheobe Mc. Pheobester.