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Twilight Hangover

I finished the 4th and final book of the Twilight series about 3 hours ago and sort of feel hung over from the book. I'm already missing the world of friendly vampires. This is a very annoying feeling that I knew would happen. It could be why I stray away from fiction that's not based on something that can really happen. Like the feeling I'm sure we all had when we read the final Harry Potter book. Happy that we can re-enter the world of the living, so to say, but sad that we don't live in this world of mystery. And then over the last few days, I've gotten off track with reality. For the millionth time, my interest in the supernatural is renewed. Desire to study history instead of photography. Or become a treasure hunter. Yay, this is a whole other side of me that gets unleashed. The part that buys books on ESP, secrets of the Vatican, etc. and enjoys books like the DaVinci Code, Rule of Four, Historian, etc. Searching for antiques, mysterious family heirlooms in my basement that I'm hoping exist and a strong desire to marry someone who has a unique family history. And the sudden, intense desire to research my family history. All thoughts definitely NOT rooted in reality. Although I must say, I do have a strong feeling that there's always been something in my parent's house that I have yet to discover. Like evidence that my grandfather had an affair among the hundreds of slides, movies and his travel journal that I haven't read yet. Or other strange objects hidden in that attic that we missed like the 100 year old lantern I found in fourth grade. Or some evidence that I am, in fact, related to Napoleon. All likely mysteries yet to be solved..

From a scientific perspective, just because we haven't discovered something- it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There is more evidence of ghosts and UFOs that Jesus..