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Wow, thanks to Twitter, I've been sort of lame updating my blog. Friday night, saw The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at the South Street Seaport. One of the guys in the band went to both my high school and college. They were awesome and I ran into people from every area of my life; long lost high school friends, college buddies, former coworkers, and even a girl from my spinning class. See favorite shots below. Afterward, headed uptown to meet up with a friend for a drink but it was kind of pointless. I was super tired and could only think about how badly I wanted to go to sleep. I'm getting old. I think on our way out, I spotted a guy I went on 1 date with but I'll never know for sure. The bitch never called me back.



Saturday was action packed with adventures. I went to a BBQ of a former coworker who now lives a block and a half away from me. It was really good seeing her and meeting her friends. The mix of her college friends, coworkers and boyfriend's friends sort of reminded me of the people I grew up with. I'm sure I'll be seeing them again. Went to bed early again Saturday night but it felt much later. Maybe the 5 flights of stairs instantly tires me out.

And Sunday, I hung out with my friend all day, roommate and his coworker. We walked around the Bastille Day Street fair on 60th street. Then I went home briefly with the intention of running, but ended up napping, then met up with him and his coworker again to see some special sunset. Of course we missed it by 10 minutes cause we dipped into a bar to get a drink. But yeah, I basically spent the whole day walking, and by the end.. I was spent. I'm starting to get used to the street noise and am really happy with my decision to be uptown. I suppose I'll always love the energy and style of downtown but LOVE LOVE LOVE the peace and quiet of uptown. I can only imagine what it will be like in the fall and how awesome it will be to eventually take advantage of running in the park. I can see myself living on the Upper West Side, even way uptown. I enjoyed my time on St. Marks and saved tons of money but am so glad that I moved when I did..



Can you possibly guess where the picture above was taken?