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So I've sort of gotten a little over the whole blog thing if ya'll haven't noticed. Although I'm sure you're entertained by my videos. I started seeing someone over a month ago and have spent the majority of my time with him.. and don't really feel comfortable sharing my adventures. It's both strange and highly satisfying to know that someone speaks my language. I mean really speaks my language - fake ghetto, funny voices, random tangents and understands me despite my mild ADD tendencies. It has been a great adventure so far.

But some things never change.. today at my spin class, Carl inflicted the most pain and torture on me that he ever has. He told everyone to sit down except for me and with a shit ton of tension, made me go faster and faster while instructing the class to cheer me on. I came seconds away from passing out before he told me I could stop. And I had no music to motivate me. At the end of class, I called him out on the lack of music so who knows why kind of revenge he'll get on me next week. Then after managing to shower in a post work out haze, I headed to Whole Foods for dinner. Not realizing that the hot food would cost an arm and a leg, ordered the meal with two sides; salmon, broccoli and (shhhh) mac n' cheese. It was way too much food and cost $16! Jeeze people. This ain't 2007. I don't got no money to burn and Whole Foods certainly isn't worth it. I don't even think they clearly posted the price. I figured it would be around $10 at most and didn't ask. Hmmm. Lesson learned.

Going backwards here.. took my folks to Schiller's for my dad's birthday last night. Pictures to follow. Also went to see my friend Rebecca Lerman in a music- 23 Coins about a child genius, genetics, and fake preachers. Interesting play and she did a hell of a job going from childlike banter to child genius preacher. Saturday went to a birthday party, etc. etc. and Friday went to Bushwick (I know, I'm so hardcore) to the CMJ festival. We only saw two bands perform but liked the Grandchildren out of Philly. They just seemed like a bunch of kids having fun and making awesome music. Kind of an eclectic, almost tribal sound that included harmonies fit for an a capella group mixed with the loud, full sound of errr punk rock. Okay, I ain't no music critic. Needless to say, it was worth the trek (aight we got a ride succkkas) - to Bushwick.

Peace out kids. Despite my total adrenaline rush from fearing Carl/ spin, I'm going to hit the hay.