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So I was sitting in my apartment, minding my own business.. actually focused and getting work done.. when the police knock on my door. Long story short, apparently someone accused us (our apartment) of throwing Oscar out of the window because of the way he fell. So now I know officially that he squeezed out of a 2 inch open window in the living room - jumping on the windowsill that night even though he's never done that before. I know that however he fell, he somehow leaped. There's a cord hanging in front of that window. My guess is that he was chasing birds or something and somehow decided to squeeze himself under the window to latch on and attack the cord. It's been over a week and while I'll never "get over it" I was attempting to move in. Now I have a detailed visual of exactly what happened, am thinking about it when I shouldn't be.. and to sum it up - This sucks. Blah.. it's not reaaaallly time to get out of this apartment.

On the bright side - it's good to know that there are specific ASPCA police and that they take animal abuse very seriously. I'm sort of shaking right now..  Maybe time for an outdoor run?