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Hello! I'm still here. Alive and well. I've spent the past two days on a relaxing vacation in Southern, Vermont with one of my best friends. We're staying at a bed and breakfast that's small and family owned in Londonderry.. more details on that to come when my internet is better. The goal of the trip was to do nothing. Of course that's been impossible given that we're in a wonderfully beautiful and serene area and can't resist a bit of sight seeing. Yesterday we took it easy and our main activity was dinner and of course, the 4 hour drive up. Today, we made the life changing (I kid) decision to check out a beautiful damn about a half hour South - so man made lake.... errr.. just enough nature for us. And went swimming. Beforehand, I did some extensive research on nude beaches/ swimming holes but couldn't find any near our bed and breakfast. Also, my partner in crime wasn't terribly keen on that idea. Boo. Next time.

Stay tuned for some nifty pictures. Oy.. I said nifty. By the way, dudes.. Vermont ain't cheap. Let me tell you. Last night dinner was slightly fancy and we agreed that today we would prefer a cheaper restaurant. Well.. the Vermonters know that toursists don't got no options for restaurants so after a failed internet search, we headed towards Weston, VT in hopes of a wider selection. As sophisticated tri-staters, we headed out at the late hour of 7pm, not realizing that most places stay open until 7:30. So there were only a small handful of restaurants. HA! Our only choice was to hit up a fancy joint with $30 entrees. Dang, what is this crap? Taking money from the rich and hungry New Yorkers. I may be a New Yorker but I ain't no rich tourist.

Okay, I had two glasses of wine.. Savignon Blanc + desert wine / Sherry. Clearly, I talk like a drunken Southerner while full from a fine meal and intoxicated on vino.

Good Night.