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Walking into the Past

I finally got out of my apartment around 12:30 and immediately headed to the Mud truck for some absolutely delicious coffee. I don't know if that one particular guy added the perfect amount of sugar and milk, or if it was just because I hadn't had it in a week.. but I savored every last sip. My goal for the day was to photograph downtown the Wall Street area perhaps inspired by a book I just started reading, "Liar's Poker." It wasn't as interesting an area as I thought, mainly dark and full of tourists so I detoured to South Street Sea Port. As I'm walking away, I see two girls I went to high school with and probably haven't seen for two years. One was visiting from San Francisco, the other from Virginia. Random. Then another high school friend met up with them who I actually ran into a few months ago and lives in NYC. Randomness. And blast from the past.

After awkwardly catching up, I headed towards the West side, walked around the Trinity Church graveyard, St. Paul's, and up into Tribeca. About two years ago, I freelanced for 6 months on Duane Street. As I walked around the familiar streets, I found it fitting that it was a bit chilly. I worked in that location between January to about April and my memories consist of running to get my lunch in the freezing cold. Also running because I was being paid by the hour and not by very much. Ran into the super from the old building that was actually a fancy, residential apartment.

I stopped for lunch at Bazzini's then headed a bit farther north to West Soho on Varick Street. There, I quickly was taken back to my the month I freelanced at an ad agency. But instead, I remember working there during the intense heat of the summer. Every lunch spot felt so far away because it was moments without air conditioning. Either way, I'm very happy to be working on Irving and think I probably work in one of the best neighborhoods of the city. I suppose everything happens for a reason. Who knows where else life will take me.

Then I headed home and once I landed on my street, realized I was probably better off sticking to my hood. Everywhere I turned, there were suddenly interesting, colorful people to photograph.