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Washington Square Park

They found bones while doing the renovations for Washington Square Park. That's pretty freaking cool. I mean with all due respect to the dead that are buried there. But with all construction and newer, modern buildings, it's a good reminder that there's so much forgotten history. I should definitely take a walking tour or NYC history class. That's on my list of things to do. What's also interesting is how the city develops.. and parts don't develop. Like for instance-- this is me talking out of my ass because I really can't say this for sure.. but I bet there are tons of places in Brooklyn and the outer edges of Manhattan that are up and coming or have been hot for a while because they are beautiful brown stones. But the reason why they have remained as brownstones, possibly recently restored ones, is because the area wasn't desirable enough back in the mid 20th century to tear them down and replace them with modern high rises or condos. So what's old is unique and cool.

Discovery Channel has a great DVD Series called "We Built This City," that has in depth details of how NYC, Paris and London were built. It's very interesting stuff, also perfect tidbits - sort of useful at cocktail parties. Like for instance, boats were buried to make landfills in lower Manhattan and that most of the outer, bottom edges of the island are made from landfill. Or that one guy decided to create a grid system- forgot when- maybe early 1800's and his system involved tearing down 40% of existing land. Or that Central Park is a completely man made structure including complicated, underground water pumping. AND, Paris is unable to have skyscrapers at least in the center of their city, because their foundations are like swiss cheese. Hundreds of years ago, they ran out of room to bury their dead, so they started carving out the lime underground to create catacombs. Can't remember anything off hand about London but I wish they produced features on other cities. I'm hooked.