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Web Wandering Wednesdays

Remember these? Yeah, I can't believe it's only Wednesday either. Lately I've been reading Daryl Lang's well written personal blog that touches on everything from politics and religion to personal matters. Hmm.. sounds like topics I'd be likely to bring up on a first date. He works downtown and has been closely following the controversy surrounding the "Ground Zero Mosque." Recently, he cleverly photographed establishments that are the same distance from the World Trade Center as the proposed Mosque site - a post that got picked up on Gawker, Gothamist, and the Village Voice among others. Reactions were mixed but he started a huge conversation and got us all thinking. The photos featured New Yorkers, perhaps Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc. working together and going about their daily business. But it also featured a strip club, an Irish pub, an off beating track and other establishments that Sarah Palin would no doubt deem as immoral. And that's just the beginning. The fast food joints and pizza deemed as "healthy" cohabit the space without opposition. See Daryl's original post here. And reactions to his post here.