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Web Wandering Wednesdays

I know.. I only have two hours for this. But I was busy doing important stuff today, like uploading photos of my Colorado trip and going on an intense run with my roommate.

So a few weeks ago, I went to my first Likemind event. I mentioned the event in my previous post - a guide to surviving unemployment. There were some seriously interesting, inspiring and talented people at the coffee shop meet up. Two who stood out were the host, Teri Karush Rogers and frequent attendee, Shayna Kulik.

Teri was a former contributor to the New York Times and recently founded the website BrickUnderground New York, which "explores the art and science of vertical living in New York City. The site features tips for dealing with New York City apartments from navigating the Co-op board to finding a service that does your errands for you.

 Shayna developed a passion for patterns while working in fashion. She realized she could offer unique insight and channeled her interests into Pattern Pulp. From what I understand, the site has grown from a website about textiles to observations on trends and has even developed into a successful consulting business. Hello inspiration! And female power!