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Weekend Recap

I know. Finally. In between watching the second season of Californiacation (thanks J., I'm now obsessed with the show), I had some mini adventures. On Friday, I won the battle that every girl wishes she could win with her boyfriend: we saw "New Moon." Okay. I didn't want to see it that badly and there was no trickery involved- just a desperate need to find a movie not sold out in the Union Square, East Village area. But here's where the experience led to being one we both enjoyed - Heather Graham sat 2 rows behind us with her 3 blond, giggling friends. I think everyone in that theater could have been high. A huge group across the isle laughed at every poignant moment, thus ruining any potential that New Moon could have had. It was better than the first movie- direction, cinematic photography and special effects but nothing can still help the acting skills of Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattison. I implore some finer actors to take them under their wings.

Then on Saturday, I had my portrait painted downtown by the very talented, interesting a lovely artist Kristen Copham. She's attempting to paint impressionistic, 45-minute portraits of one thousand people within 2009. She's nearing her goal and has already amassed a collection of portraits that are vibrant, character-revealing and successful, in my opinion. It was a super cool experience knowing that my image will become part of the art world in some capacity along with my parents and eventually my sister and hopefully my bf.

I had arranged a girls' night at an undecided location downtown for later that evening and had to kill time somewhere inside while I waited to hear if at least one of them could still make it. So I sat in Inoteca, drinking a delicious glass of dry, Italian red wine while attempting to read "The Fountainhead" in the dimly lit, romantic light. The food was fantastic but one of those places that in order to satiate your hunger, you have to eat an appetizer, main course and dolci. Forty-two dollars spent on a date with myself where, as usual, I managed to avoid any awkward silences and UM, stuttering. Slightly buzzed and completely freezing, I took the bus back uptown towards my apartment while successfully convincing my friend to meet me at a wine bar around my corner. Hey, the night was young! An hour later, I sat with my lovely roommate and friend around a bottle of red wine in the cozy wine bar Vino, getting tipsy and recapping our funny adventures. And finally, we ended the night with a trip to Hot and Crusty for some indulgent chocolate chip cookies. All and all, a lovely weekend and I'm still debating what to do today. I've realized over the last few months that despite liking uptown and being near the park, I'm a downtown girl at heart. Hmmm. Perhaps a trip DT is in order for today.