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Weekend Update

Had another great weekend. Friday was somewhat low key. Went to the LES briefly.. enough to remind me not to go there during the weekends. Okay, I'm sure there are some good spots further away from the insanity. Then got my dance on with my Hawaiian girl. Saturday was slightly hung over despite only having three drinks. Didn't accomplish much aside from running some errands. Then spent the rest of my evening babysitting in the Slope. I love being around kids. It's great to see another side of life aside from work and going out. Plus lately I've been super productive. Got some serious reading done and drawing.

Then met some other friends at my spot. And had a loong chat with this guy about how most guys are players, etc. And guys you meet in bars just want to sleep with you, etc. etc. I've met and talked to him before. In any case, despite our conversation, he did everything in his power to try and sleep with me. But I said peace. Was insightful and nice to have an open and honest conversation with someone at a bar even though I don't trust his intentions for a second.

And then tonight I saw The Nightrats at the Bowery Poetry Club. Definitely a unique and mellow sound. I have their CD and had to stop myself from singing along. Afterward, I went out for drinks with my friend and met a bunch of her friends. They were all super cool. Felt an instant connection with all of them. For the millionth time, it feels so good to be around creative people. After most people left, my friend's husband joined us. She's from Europe and he's living in various places around the world. We talked about a few movies that were about life in Europe.. and the differences, and how people in New York get stuck in this work cycle. Where it doesn't seem like people fully enjoy life. Whereas in Europe, people linger at cafes, spend quality time with friends, family. Anyway, he perfectly described how I've been feeling lately. To a T. And it was cool to meet more interesting people.

peace and love.