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Weekend Update

Sorry kids, I've been slacking.

I had a fantastic weekend. It all started with dinner at a old school Italian restaurant on St. Mark's with a good friend. Said dinner included live singing by the owner?, Sinatra, etc. Classic. Despite consuming mass quantities of carbs - fried calamari, pasta a half bottle of red, I managed to wake up the next day sans carb or wine hangover.

Saturday consisted of an entire day of eating. My delightfully sweet and uber cool coworker cooked me and a few coworkers brunch in her fantastic apartment. Her husband is a furniture designer She is an art director- and together they have transformed their Bushwick abode to a pad worthy of Dominos photoshoot. She took the same care in creating us a delicious and healthy meal. I'm tempted once again to give up my central location for more space and light.

As if my weekend wasn't good enough, it got better. Saturday night I managed to score tickets to a sold out concert at the Mercury Lounge. Some guy was standing near the door looking to sell it. The concert featured a guy I went to high school and college with and I've been meaning to see him perform ever since he started playing. So I was surrounded by nice, cool people from both high school and college. Some people I haven't even seen for close to ten years. Good times.

Of course my weekend is never complete until I have visited my spot. No, that's not a euphemism for sex. I walked back up to my hood and convinced a friend to come join me. Upon arriving, I saw another kid from my college standing outside. Mr. Skidmore himself. Or at least that's how I view him. And inside, I ran into someone else I haven't seen for 2 years. More good times. Fast forward an hour later and my friend invited someone I've grown up with but haven't really been speaking to. He brought another friend that I haven't seen in 2 years. Reunion # 5? of the night!! And the topper of the night was when I got into a conversation in French (long story) with one of the friend's friends. We discovered that we both studied in Paris. And went to the same undergrad! She's a year older and I didn't recognize her. Ridiculousness.

Sunday- my good weekend streak continued. I hit up my absolute favorite coffee/ sandwich place Abraco. Had the sandwich I was craving for the whole week. Got some great photos - perfect lighting. And had a very late brunch with a very good and old friend. Croque Madame at Jacques on Price. Delicious. I highly recommend it.

So yeah, what more could I ask for. Great food, great friends - new and old, reunions with people I like, great food, wine, photography, did I mention great food. okay, no boys or sex. But sometimes food and friends trump that.