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Weekend Update

Had an amazing weekend. Worked late on Friday and stayed watching Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. Then actually got up early for the gym, and spent all day Saturday walking around with one of my absolute best friends. It's so relaxing spending time with someone I feel completely comfortable with especially since I've been meeting lots of new people lately. We walked through Park Slope, mostly Northern but I don't know the area enough to say for sure. Ran into the kids I babysit for who were a bit confused to see me. Then took the train to Downtown Brooklyn and walked through Cobble Hill and Carrol Gardens. Good times had by all. Saturday night, I met up with a friend at Solas and was stupid enough to have 3 of Allan's ridiculously strong drinks. I felt queasy around 6am this morning but somehow it subsided by the time my parents got into the city.

Today, I went to brunch with the folks, then we sat in the Tompkin Square Park doggy park for a good hour. I spotted my favorite singer, Sia who was with her dog. AND, Dr. Lisa Cuddy from House. I had my camera and walked over to where there was some serious doggy "action," then made a joke about doppledangers.. that she laughed at. Just as we were leaving, my parents wanted to know what kind of dog Sia had. I finally got the courage to talk to her and she was super duper nice. Told her one of her songs was actually in my head when I saw her.. and she seemed to appreciate that I was a fan. She has two dogs, one who's three-legged and another who needed to go to "rehab." Okay, I know, I know.. if I move into Brooklyn, I won't see celebs on a daily basis, but I'm so okay with that! My day ended with an awesome loft party in Williamsburg for a college friend. I met a ton of super cool, artsy, interesting, sweet people and took some good pictures. Also got a lead on finding an apartment.. hmm. Okay, so maybe Williamsburg isn't that bad after all.

Peace and love.