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Weekend Update

Believe it or not, I spent the majority of the weekend watching True Blood. Despite moving in about a month, I sadly just discovered that I have HBO On Demand. I know. There are no words.. I guess I thought that it only went into my roommate's room. So yeah, I'm kind of depressed that vampires don't exist. Not that they bring any real benefit to our lives but it gets easy to fall into the world of magic and mystery. I know that the world is a beautiful and mysterious place and there's so much we have yet to discover, yada yada, but it can be depressing that in many ways, things are just as they seem. Or are they? Perhaps this is why I don't read fiction very often. If I find a fictional world that I like, I won't be able to get out of that world. I'll read or watch the series until my eyes are closing. And slip into a slightly cranky, mild depression once I have finished the series.

Yeah, I'm in one of those funks again. Lots of changes going on. Well- maybe just one but it's a big one. I haven't figured out exactly how I'm going to move, and of course, where. I'm not sure if I'll regret moving out of my neighborhood. Will I miss the people I see everyday? Do I need to say goodbye to my neighbor I see once a month? My grocer? Will I get annoyed traveling home on the subway from the gym? Resent paying for cabs? Miss being able to walk to Washington Square Park on the weekend?

And the the old questions and desires are coming back. Should I go to grad school? Apply in the fall? Move to Paris? Florence? Will I ever pay off my debt? These are the thoughts that bang around inside my head on a daily basis, giving me a headache. I don't know what it will take to push me forward and complete one of my goals.

On a more positive note, here are some of the favorite shots I took this weekend of my sister and her friend, Ben.

It looks like Ben is trying to control my sister with his eyes. I suppose I should retouch a light beam coming from his eyes.

Another favorite. I handed them the books as a random suggestion when I was trying to figure out what they should do. Afterwards, I realized how perfect it was because the two of them literally grew up with Harry Potter. I believe their ages corresponded exactly with Harry's. Not to mention there's that whole play on innocence vs. adolescence, reading in bed as a child vs the cliche image of two adults reading in bed. Anyway, check out the set and let me know what you think. I need to edit it down.