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Weekend Update

My mom told me that I don't love her anymore. Then she said that I don't update my blog enough. I'm not sure if the two comments are related but as an ode to my mother.. here's the good ole weekend update:

Thoughts about my new hood- it's really nice being able to walk around Central Park and explore Uptown. It's hard not to think that everything doesn't happen for a reason considering how happy I am. Or maybe as humans- we just adjust to our surroundings and make the best of things. I spent the afternoon walking through Central Park and reading. When I say walking, I mean I walked across the park to the Shake Shack which as of last week has become a weekly habit. Even worse, I stood in line in a downpour. But it was soooooo worth it. I savored every last bite of my cheeseburger, fries and chocolate milk shake. I worked it off by walking slightly North, then all the way across to East End Avenue and back to my apartment.

On Saturday, I had a similarly satisfying and relaxing day. I got highlights downtown. It was weird being downtown again in my old hood but sort of reinforced how much prettier uptown can be (at least East Village vs. uptown). Then had a lovely dinner with a good friend at a restaurant I used to frequent back 3-4 years ago before I moved into the city. After dinner, I met up with a coworker for my first real Upper East Side bar experience at Wicker Park. Well- at least first time as an Upper East Sider. I can't say whether or not the crowd was better- I was told that everyone is away during the summer. But I did feel like the atmosphere was possibly more condusive to meeting people- and the crowd closer to my age.

And finally, my weekend got off to a good start on Friday. I actually hit up a spinning class, then meandered back uptown to my apartment and saw Harry Potter with my roommate.

I have to admit, it feels soooo good to walk through Central Park. I think being able to do that on a regular basis will help keep me sane in the city and not need to go home to quieter New Jersey as often as I do. I just feel so at peace and relaxed.