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Winter Wonderland

I'm having a fit of artistic inspiration tonight. I spent the afternoon wandering around the East Village and dipping into thrift shops in the hopes of finding a decent new purse. I had no luck but found my absolute new favorite cafe/ wine bar. It's on 2nd avenue around 5th street on the West Side of the street. Incidentally, I never caught the name but it's absolutely perfect. Okay, perhaps I want it to be a secret. I started off with a cappuccino and toast with nutella while actually working on my novel. Then realizing I still had about an hour to kill, I ordered a glass of red wine. I sat at the bar next to a French couple, a German guy and surrounded by the Italian wait staff speaking Italian. As if the place wasn't perfect enough, at 6, they put out a display of prosciutto, cheese, bread, salami and olives- a happy hour treat for those drinking wine. I found myself surrounded by interesting, kind, creative people. Quite the perfect date with myself as the storm raged outside.

Post wine bar, I headed to a Polish restaurant further East for a birthday dinner for my all time favorite spin instructor. Despite taking his class for about 3 1/2 years, this was the first time I hung out with him and other spin people outside of class. It was fun and motivating to be around health conscious, athletic people. There's definitely something to be said about having the strength and determination to regularly complete his class and how that translates to the rest of your life. Everyone there seemed intelligent, accomplished and happy.

The journey home was an adventure. By the time we left the restaurant at 10, it was complete madness. I walked three blocks to the bus stop directly into the incoming snow, bonding with fellow New Yorkers over the insanity. Then stood waiting for the bus for ten minutes, another New York bonding experience.. the great equalizer as we all realized waiting for the bus was the only option. And finally, here I am, sitting in the comfort of my apartment, having my third and last glass of wine for the night, about to work on my novel.

My new favorite cafe.

The view from my window.