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Workin It

I had my first half hour training session at Crunch today. I highly suggest working out in the a.m. if you never have. It's a great feeling of accomplishment getting your butt kicked before 9am. Not to mention you get it over with and don't have to worry about fitting it into your schedule. Only downside of choosing a female trainer is that she has seen some of my lady parts in the locker room after our session. Yeah, that can get awkward. Her name is Mollie and she's from NJ. Weird. Other benefit of working out before work- apparently sweat makes my hair look pretty. Gross, and I probably should have kept that to myself. But yeah, sweat in hair = good hair day.

And finally, I learned today that apparently starting sentences with "and" is sort of ad speak. Who would have thought. Perhaps growing up with a father in advertising had some impact on me. AND did I mention, the funniest line from my father while I was visiting them in NJ...

ME: I'm thinking of going to the mall on Saturday.
DAD: Well Molly, they would love to have you.

Happy trails!