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Wrap A Nap = Genius

I found this website while fighting the resistance (Linchpin/War of Art talk); i.e. procrastinating, on my photography assignment. You know those moments where you desperately need a nap but you're at work... or in a car, or traveling elsewhere and nature just did not equip you with the perfect napping pillow. Well.. this is definitely one of those ideas that I wish I had thought of, especially as an avid napper. I found it through Tanveer Badal's photography website. After reading reviews, I'm convinced it's comfortable and will put you right to sleep. The Poseidon Wrap-A-Nap has my name on it. Maybe the Wrap-A-Nap will prevent me from having weird dreams about Paris Hilton like I did during my half hour snow storm nap today. Hmmmm.