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I'm so hungry I'm eating dry oatmeal. Don't try and act like you haven't done it before. mmm.. freeze dried apples...

I err. debated whether or not to watch the debates, but then turned it on.. and heard McCain say "you don't understand," to Obama and Obama somehow manage to work in the erroneous decision to go into Iraq as a response to every question.. and realized there was no need to watch them. The more I learn about national politics, the issues and who the big players are, the more I feel confident with my initial sentiments that it's all BS and rhetoric. There are some obvious differences between Democrats and Republicans, but often times, it seems like someone will take an opposing view just to disagree. In today's political climate, it's hard to get a sense that either candidate just wants what's best for their country. Instead, it's about pushing the parties agenda and never really studying what really works. In the past, has less government really been beneficial to our society? Does raising taxes actually benefit the economy more than cutting them? Why is the belief in the global warming a democratic and liberal viewpoint? Can't someone believe in a smaller government but also recognize the impact of man on the environment? There are so many issues that should be partisan.. and so many variations on what it means to be Republican vs. a Democrat.