Inspires Opportunities Frequently hired or resourced on projects to bring outside inspiration to client projects that spark creative development, innovation and new opportunities though:

  • Deep consumer insights delivered through video, imagery or as part of a strategic deck
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Expert interviews across a variety of fields by leveraging my vast and diverse network
  • Extensive cultural and consumer trends insights


  • Presented trends around the future of work and education to clients and agency team for productivity tool campaign development
  • Presented trends to client around the future of travel to spark website innovation for global hotel chain
  • Interviewed, filmed and presented consumer insights into Gen Z market to agency for soft drink launch
  • Provided trends research into the future of modern luxury for a pitch

Creative Partner My background in photography, art and writing makes me a valued partner to creative teams in crafting brands, campaigns and day-to-day client work through:

  • Creative briefings (including pitch and current client work) that uses storytelling and imagery for background and strategy
  • Soundboard for creatives in copywriting, design and creative development
  • Sourcing and presenting innovative case studies and consumer trends


  • Led influencer and day-to-day strategy on award-winning integrated campaign
  • Conducted a tone of voice and branding workshop with creative teams to craft content strategy for digital notebook tool
  • Day-to-day strategic lead across a variety of clients working closely with creatives on campaigns
  • Presented global, macro-trends, creative case studies and future of payment trends to international creative leadership team for credit card pitch

Sell-In Opportunities A proven track record for winning new business and growing clients organically during short pitch timelines and limited budgets through:

  • Being constantly on the pulse of trends and current events enables me to quickly find relevant data points
  • Leveraging my diverse personal network and empathetic nature to gain deep consumer insights
  • An adaptable ability to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams
  • Storytelling that brings in a fresh new perspective and sets up the work


  • Presented strategic setups for mobile media strategies that resulted in multiple new business wins
  • Synthesized market landscape, brand and consumer insights to global pitch team, contributing to major new business win 
  • Provided a fresh perspective to non-profit marketing and assisted with strategic setup that resulted in new business win
  • Provided new perspective on opportunities in the home improvement space that has sparked positive momentum within the organization

Navigate Changing Communication Landscape Consultant work across digital, mobile, content, traditional marketing, above the line and direct enables me to help clients adapt to the integrated and changing nature of modern campaigns through:

  • Consumer journeys and communication strategies
  • Crafting strategies for integrated campaigns
  • Crafting social media strategies and content strategies for clients including working with analysts to ensure measurement and ROI


  • Provided digital communication strategy for global CPG client
  • Provided tactical launch strategy for various pitches and client projects
  • Provided integrated strategies with multiple campaign components across a wide variety of projects

Team-Builder Working across a variety of agencies in two different markets has given me a perspective on how to build an integrated, collaborative team that marries both digital thinking with creative and brand thinking through: 

  • Providing internal teams with POVs on macro trends and tactics
  • Sharing research and providing team members with a sounding board for ideas
  • Working with teams to develop formalized processes based off of past projects


  • Guided junior strategists on research projects
  • Initiated strategic practice at growing mobile media agency
  • Presented lunch and learn and inspirational series to agency colleagues



Work Samples Available Upon Request