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Brooklyn-based brand strategist

I help clients solve big challenges that create real growth and transformation.



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With nearly a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 brands, I specialize in creative development, consumer research and cultural trends. I’m known for adding energizing new perspectives, articulating the highly subjective and tackling under-resourced projects with a gritty ingenuity. I love what I do; helping clients grow their business, nerding out on the history of a brand or the latest cultural trend, talking to people and clients, and whatever other adventures a project will take me on.

I originally wanted to be a treasure-hunting archeologist (Thanks Indiana Jones). Instead, when I’m not seeking nuggets of insight during my day job, I’m traveling with my camera in hand as a photographer, or capturing career advice as the writer / editor of the SheSays newsletter. I live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn where I satisfy my intense curiosity of people through long walks to the subway and quality time on the A train.